Friday, January 6, 2017

MLW RS18 Madness - Part 13

The RS-18 project is nearing completion. All decals are know done and paint is almost complete. After looking at many prototype pictures,  I decided to add ACI label on the sill.

I'm also trying t ofigure out how I will weather the units. I'm thinking about doing one engine with a badly discolored CN wet noodle and to keep the two others more toned down. I've never done that kind of weathering and I'm open to suggestion about technics to achieve that effect. Feel free to share ideas or tricks.

I'm not into harsh weathering because it sets the locomotives in a very specific time period. Keeping them more generic is better if you want to run them in different eras.


  1. I agree with you regarding weathering being specific to a time period. I love CP Rail's big MLWs and the amount of weathering on those units is very indicative of the decade.
    However, as we suspend disbelief regarding the whole idea that our models aren't real; so can we overlook a not quite accurate piece if rolling stock or building sign. I encourage you to do the heavier weathering on one unit. You could even leave it on a shelf when you backdate to an earlier era when it was newer.
    Just my 2 cents worth.
    Andrew Kerr
    Sydney, Australia

    1. Andrew, you just read my mind didn't you? I will heavily weather one locomotive while keeping the two others relatively clean.

      The nice think about CP Rail's MLW is their paint faded rather quickly and they accumulated dirt at an alarming pace. Looking at pictures of Multimark locomotives from 1970 shows that some engines were already looking quite beaten and discolored. CP Rail + MLW is a wonderful mix and it's no wonder I'd like to model that some day.