Sunday, April 21, 2019

CN Woodchip Car - Decals

I started drawing CN woodchip car decals today. I thought it would be harder, but thanks to CNRHA sets of CN fonts, it made my life easier. CN logo was redrawn from specifications. It is not a scale down logo from the web. Artwork was drawn directly in 1:87.

All artwork was done redrawing over actual pictures. I still have to do complete the lube plates and some lettering on the ends, but it shouldn't be to hard.

Interesting notes, when drawing the decals, I spotted a few discrepancies between my model and the prototype. CN 878000 tack boards should be further left and CN 879000 has a slightly fishbelly sill. I'll improve my model before production run, however, I'll have to alter the prototypes which are actually being printed.

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