Monday, April 29, 2019

CN Woodchip Car - Toward a Second Prototype

I'm glad to report the project is progressing well. To make your life easier finding information about this project, I've added a "CN Woodchip Cars" tag and shortcut on under the blog's header. It will helps tracking relevant information without having scroll down the entire blog.

During the weekend, the 3D models of both cars have been revised and completed. I made the mistake of initially using 36" wheels which brought in a lot of discrepancies until I found out the cars were equipped with 33" wheels. What a beginner's mistake! Fortunately, I was able to rectify this before starting to 3D print the cars. I feel a little bit idiot missing this essential data. It was written on all CN official drawings and even painted on cars themselves!

Also, I've completed the decal artwork. I'm quite satisfied with the result. I also adapted the CN logo so it can fit perfectly on the ribs without cutting or liberal application of decal solution. This is a test and I hope it will work well on the prototype. It may have to be revised later, but I needed to start somewhere.

I'm also glad to report cars 378000 and 379000 are actually getting 3D printed by Bruce Barney. Keep in mind this isn't the actual production models, but prototypes to weed out any gross errors I could have done and test running and operation capabilities (trucks and couplers heights, etc.). It will also be an occasion to find out if and where warpage could happen. These are open cars and it could happen. It must be addressed.

These prototypes will be painted and decalled for promotional purposes. So far, Bruce confirmed parts printed nicely and he's quite positive the models will be very nice.

I wouldn't be surprised if I have painted cars to show by mid-May.

Finally, the next big step will be to understand, then draw, these cars brake rigging. I'm not a pro in brake systems, so I expect it will take some time to figure out everything.

Production and marketing

This is a big project and it means it need to be clearly framed. I'm still trying to figure out how people will have access to this product. Many options are on the table and I've yet to find a way to handle this that will be practical for everybody while not being a prison for me. I'll take the next few months to work it out and hope to start taking orders and start production after summer. It would be quite neat if the cars were available just before Christmas. This is my goal.

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