Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Shed From Scrap - Part 2

I painted the small shed yesterday. My approach to this project was to represent a dilapidated structure still in use but needing a coat of paint. To represent such a thing, I primed the model white then added a layer of dark grey and finally a coat of light grain. After a short drying time (2 hours), I took rough sandpaper and started to scrap the first coat of paint to make the boards look distressed. With an X-acto blade I scrapped all the grey paint on the windows to go back to the white paint. The same blade was used to distress the framing and door.

Once I was satisfied with the level of texture and color, a blackish oil paint wash was applied generously over the building to blend together the harsh effects of weathering I replicated. I must say I’m extremely satisfied by the result.

However, I’m less impressed by the corrugated roofing. While looking good on an industrial modern structure, this profile is far too big and exaggerated for such a small and diminutive building. For this reason, I’ll replace the roofing with the same material I used on the barn. However, I’ll keep rusting at minimum this time.


  1. Nice work. Very simple, but devastatingly effective.

    I agree about the roof.

    1. Thanks Simon. I'm having a lot of fun with very mundane structures lately. There is another one in the oven but meanwhile I have to get some roofing material at the art store.