Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Little Barn's Sister Can't Be This Cute!

They say imitation is the best kind of flattery!
While browsing Facebook group Canadian railway modellers today, I didn't expect to find a clone of my recent Revell kitbash! For a few seconds I thought someone just forwarded my pictures until I came to the realisation Taylor Main - a fellow Prince Edward Island modeller - as picked up my work as a candidate for cloning.

Taylor Main's little barn (credit: Taylor Main, Facebook)

While I'm not a big fan of everybody having the exact same structure on their layout, this time I think it just doesn't apply since the subject is so mundane and widespread. There isn't a hundred ways to build a shed and in fact, they are all quite similar given the number of original prototypes is quite limited. Everybody who grew up or still live in the countryside knows well most of the time people get inspired by the neighbors and build something similar. I've come upon many church building contracts from the 17th up to the early 20th century during my searches. And you often read the same thing: "built this church similar to "insert a nearby village name here" church, but makes the nave 10 feet longer, etc..." This is part of vernacular architecture where the building process is both driven by needs and tradition.

Taylor Main's little barn (credit: Taylor Main, Facebook)

The example of Taylor just show us this 1:1 process does exist in 1:87 too! And it also proves AGAIN thinking Internet is a faceless place where there is no consequence is so wrong... but this time in a positive way since we all have very unexpected influence on others.

Once again, I must say starting to write this blog a few years ago was probably one of the best decision in my model railroading career.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout. Didn't expect to see this here. The only thing I didn't have to go off of was dimensions.

    Also, I hope those turnouts find you, and find you well. They should arrive over the next couple of days.

    1. I got the turnouts today. We should install the curved one on Friday night. I'll let you know the results. One again thanks for your time and generosity, it is highly appreciated.