Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ye Olde Shed - Now in Clermont

The shed is now completely painted and weathered. I settled on a completely rusted roof instead of a mostly pristine galvanised steel. So far, I find the rust a little bit too "fresh". I'll probably wait until the oil paint completely dry before adding a coat of dullcote and alcohol + india ink . It will tone done the red oxide color a little bit and blend it with the greyish walls.

I hope to "plant" the shed on its spot this evening to test if it feels OK with the setting. I'm also in the process of designing the nearby farm house. I want it to be a very mundane two-storey structure from the late 19th/early 20th century.

A few hours later... on the layout

 I decided to install the shed on the layout this evening. Louis-Marie was really impressed with the structure. Being raised on a farm he could directly relate with the new shed.

The nice thing is the lighting over there is closer to daylight and made the colors much more realistic than at home. In that regard, it means I won't waste my time adjusting the paint color. It is right as it is.

I think the new structure blend perfectly with its surrounding and the rural backdrop. It plays it role perfectly without being too cute or catching all the attention. It's fun whn your intuition is right and that's one of these moments.

I took many pictures soo I could evaluate how the scene is evolving. Feel free to criticize.

Now I have to bash the farm house using the structure you can see on the photos.  It's a big challenge because the house will have to materialize that particular architecture typical of French Canada without looking like a caricature. The big problem will be getting the windows right. My goal is to represent an old wood framed house that got defaced in the 1960s-1970s with cheap Masonite clapboard (ColorLok) and flimsy aluminium sash windows. In a word, an average house that lost all its architectural detail during a lazy home improvement going bad! Rural counties are full of these faded beauties... so stay tuned for a new face lift special.

Our next victim is the farm house

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