Sunday, November 27, 2016

Selling Rolling Stock

I've always been someone who keeps a lot of things instead of getting rid of them. But as a matter of fact, I run out of place for model railroad stuff.

After years of ownership, you somewhat find out that many things you thought would be great on your layout are seldom used. I have locomotives bought about 6 years ago that never saw service. I detailed some, weathered a few, installed DCC and LED... and never run them. Pretty, but don't fit my needs or tastes when it's time to operate.

So rather than keep them for me, I prefer to sell them to people who will actually have a real used for them. If some people are interested, they can take a look on Canada HO/N Yard Sale group on Facebook. And now, the big question! Will I regret it! Maybe... but well, there's plenty of other locomotives more suitable for my need that I will probably acquired over the years.

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