Sunday, November 20, 2016

Coopérative agricole de Charlevoix - Part 3

I got a cold this weekend, but it didn't refrain me to work on the Coop. The corrugated paper roofing was glued in place. To represent a difference between the old metal roof and the new one, I applied a mist of dullcote to kill the metallic shine. Works perfectly to represent aged galvanized steel.

A light wash of oil paint was applied to the walls and roofs to add a certain level of dirt. When the wash was still wet, I used a paper towel to remove the except paint and only leave a very subtle streaking effect on the walls. No need to overdo this, the Coop isn't a rundown industry.

There is still a lot of work to do including adding the glazing, weathering the concrete foundation and painting some details. However, I don't expect to add a lot of cute detail on this structure, except for a sign. I think it should stay quite simple to blend into the very relaxed scene of Clermont.

I do hope to install the structure on the layout next week.

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