Thursday, December 22, 2016

Improving a Life-Life 40ft Boxcar - Part 2

The rebuilt boxcar visited the paint shop last week and good it's obligatory coat of Krylon red primer (aka the poor man's red oxyde/mineral brown/boxcar red).

When the paint was dry, a coat of Future floor finish was applied for decalling. I'm not fond of other gloss coat for many reason. Future can be applied easily with your airbrush (or even brushed by hand), it's easy to clean but better, when you set your decals, they have a tendancy to "sink" into the Future coat, making the decal ghost lines disappear much better than with other gloss finish.


  1. Which exact Krylon product would that be? I have some Bowser hoppers that need their weights painted.

    1. I simply use their Red Oxyde primer. When you do the weathering the tone can be easily altered to look darker or less reddish. A very versatile color for a good number of project.