Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Revenge - Rebuilding an IHC 50ft Boxcar - Part 3

Only a good coat of primer can reveal if you did a good job or not. After the first coat, I quickly found out some rivets were missing and that I didn't made door stops.

For the rivets, I was cheap and decided to use one of my numerous tricks that would make any very serious modeller facepalm. The technic is easy. I use a steel point lightly dipped in CA glue and apply little dots of glue. It's a matter of control, but you quickly get used to it and when done correctly, it's hard to tell them apart from the real thing. Sure I could use Archer resin rivets, but I prefer to keep them for more serious modelling efforts that required lots of rivets.

Now, the only big work on this car is lowering the truck mounts by filing them about 1 mm and adjusting the coupler pockets to stick out a little bit more. Meanwhile, I'll spray the roof a flat aluminium shade before applying good old CDS Lettering dry transfers. Yes, it's crazy but I can say with confidence I like dry transfer... when the car geometry is simple! No ribs please!

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