Thursday, December 15, 2016

MLW M420 & Working Switch Stands

The new M420 made its “static display” debut on the layout yesterday. Unfortunately, we were busy applying scenery, so no effort was made to run it. That’s for another time!

Meanwhile, Jérôme succeeded in building a working manual switch stand target using parts distributed by Rapido. We don’t use mechanical or electrical devices to operate the turnouts, preferring our hands. Only a few are operated with a Fastrack manual device. Making the switch stand to really work and indicate the direction was a long time goal. It seems much easier to do than previously thought. However, for the moment, only the mainly turnouts will be equipped since it is a tedious work to do. It represents about 7 turnouts which is more than enough at this point. If it proves to be reliable, in the best of the world all turnouts would be equipped with moving targets identified by their track number for ease of operation.Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph Jérôme's mock up...

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