Friday, December 16, 2016

Various Announcements

RS18 projects are just like super heroes movies... they get reboots every 5 years!

As you know, when I made my first set of 3 RS18, I still had in store 3 other locomotives still undergoing conversion. They were all put on the shelf for an indefinite hiatus, but now I'm back working on them. I have a lot of MLW projects in minds and completing this set of three locomotives is now back on my priority list.

They will be equipped with ESU Loksound decoders. I'd like to try their most recent versions which seems promising. In fact, I would have been curious to test the TCS WOW decoders with the sound paired up with the real effort. Who knows, lots of possibilities there.

All locomotives will be painted in the well known CN wet noodle scheme of 1961 as they were frequent visitors on Murray Bay.

Meanwhile, my boxcar rebuilding program is going fine. So far, 4 boxcars have been completely rebuilt. 3 are painted and decalled, one is in the paint booth and two are ready for detailing. I'll have more pictures soon!!!

I also recently ordered 12 Rapido cylindrical hoppers. They will replace our foobies and bring the cement fleet to a decent number. I'm also thinking about backdating some Procor car from the white paint scheme to the gray one.

Finally, the 3D model of the 878-series woodchip car (CN Rail version) is completed. I'm also working on figuring out the brake rigging under the car. I can't promise nothing, but I certainly hope this model will see the light as a resin kit. It would be a great addition to most Canadian modern layouts.

And pictures? No! I prefer to keep surprises for the next post!

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